Welcome to LonelyHeartsClub's blog!
LHC is a group of VOCALOID users under one name to grow and develop our particular skills, as well as to share our music with the world.

Our works, previews, WIPs and updates are compiled and managed here, so please check back often★

★ The group's YouTube channel and the MP3DL folder are provided to your right 
★ Organizational tabs are provided for easier browsing, also to your right 
★ A detailed list of our members are located on the navigational bar above 
★ Collaboration information is located on the navigational bar, also above 
★ Any comments can be added on each post at the bottom  
★ Archive section is also at the very bottom of the blog  
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Most of our content will be original, but we will occasionally publish covers and maybe tutorials.
Please send all formal inquiries to June's email, listed on her page.

This blog is maintained by all members, so please feel free to leave a comment!
Look forward to our works★


Quick member breakdown, links to their respective pages:

Fealow - mixing / audio management
Beansato - composition
Antares - art / composition
Cho - tuning
Lv.99 - PV / art / tuning

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