Jan 28, 2014

【Rion's 17th Christmas】 lyrics

© LonelyHeartsClub
Lyrics by Hidaritsuu

Audio here.

Doing part time job in Santa's costume
Just like every other Christmas
Holly sting my lonesome heart

Mr.Santa, for this year's Christmas present,
I want a rich, highly educated, tall and handsome boyfriend

I am such a nice girl, but I'm so unfortunate
People tells me, "You're such a nice girl"
I'm always nice to rich guys and handsome guys,
so at least one of them should be mine

Just like every other year,
I'm going to have a painful Christmas

I was frustrated, so I kicked a reindeer in his ass
The guy inside the reindeer said, "Kick me harder"
So I picked him up and shoved his ass in the fireplace

Even those ugly chicks have boyfriends
but the only guys around me now
is that perverted reindeer?

I'm such a nice girl, but I'm so unfortunate
I'm not that picky about their incomes
As long as they make $0.1million a year or so, I'm satisfied
I'm not that picky about their height
As long as they are 185cm or above, I'm satisfied
I'm not that picky about their looks
As long as they are around Atsuto Uchida's level, I'm satisfied

Sigh, Santa Claus is so useless
I had nothing left to do, so I took off the head of reindeer...

What came out of the reindeer
was the hottest guy I've ever seen!
He took my hand and said,
"I fell in love with your brutality, will you be my girlfriend?"
Oh my gosh, I just got a handsome, masochistic boyfriend with a burnt ass.

The coldness of the winter,
the fact I'm broke,
they mean nothing to me right now
I hear the spring coming, I'm like in heaven
...Well, you know what?
It's the dream I just had...

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