Feb 5, 2014

Home page + Collab page

I updated our blog to include our Home page and a Collaboration page!
The Home page has a conclusive overview of LHC instead of having viewers struggle to find the first post.
The Collab page is as the title indicates - it lists all the members with samples of their work and their availability.

Due to privacy, I have included only my email on the blog. I will link any inquiries / collab requests to the respective member and serve as the connecting chain for the preliminary contact.
Please don't let that scare you! ^^;;/ but all formal inquiries [not regarding collabs] should be made to me anyway so I don't know why I put the former there orz

I also went through the posts and added a tag for each member - now you can search up works based on the member who worked on it. I hope this serves as an easier navigational process instead of going through every single post...

Currently, we are planning on a collab as we speak★
Needless to say, we are very excited, so I hope everything goes well.


P.S - Terribly sorry to include only Lv.99 and my tagged works for our samples. We both want to keep things separated a bit, so I hope it's not troublesome.
However, more samples can be provided in private if required / unsure.
Thanks for your understanding.

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