Feb 6, 2014

【Wishing Star】 lyrics

© LonelyHeartsClub
Lyrics by Bean

Audio here.

Dark ebbing flames hoard the halls
tainting your wintry ward
as you lay barely holding on
I softly wept

You said to me
You would never ever let me go
Hold me close
Stay with me until the end of time

If I could just 
take all this pain away
Make my way back to your embrace
Lock our lips for a tick or two
but that seem so far away far away far away now
All these thoughts that we used to share
Razed to ash and was swept away
Now what's left is a broken husk
Emptied from inside

Dark dreary skies 
filled with blight 
Edging that dying star 
Where am I?
Am I still alive?
I have to go back to the place 
that she said she would never forgo 
Dying star please I beg of you 
Ferry me home

Blinked my eyes and 

Everything changed 
I see her right there 
on her knees searching in despair
I tried to reach for her magic square 
But the walls came 
crumbling crumbling crumbling down

My heart cringed with uncertainty 
Is she safe from adversity 
I made my way to the crumbled wards 
with a heavy heart 

This crystal jar filled full of stars 
I finally found it here but I can't sustain 
I'm feeling strained 
this shield is faint 
It might not withstand 
I'm trapped in side 
with no one beside 
Hugging this jar of stars hoping it would be safe from this wreck that 

would snuff out my life

You carried me gently through this crack
You appeared where I least expect 
Look what I found
Your jar of stars but the stars were...

I need you my dear 
You are all I've left 
The stars are gone but you are okay
I spent the last of the wishing stars 
Wishing you'd be safe and sound
You mean so much to me 
losing you would be lunacy 
Hold me here and forever now
Don't ever let go 

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